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What's It All About?

  • 68 K Organic Followers on Social Media

  • LOTS of Engagement

  • Average of 3,500 downloads/month

  • 10 Million Reach on Instagram 

  • 90% Female, Age 35 - 54 

  • 46 countries reached 

  • Sponsorship promotions are never removed

Listeners Are in Love!

“Sadie’s Divorced and Happy is the one-stop-shop for navigating the road to happiness after divorce, touching on all aspects—the mental, physical, social, financial—I’ve found it to be a great roadmap for my journey!”

"The topics and guests are very authentic. This podcast opens the conversation to the real, post-divorce life... ...the new act that YOU get to design."

“HONEST & SMART. I love this show! Sadie's perspective on life After Divorce is honest and fresh! Not your 'same old podcast.' Excited to listen each week."

“Our Happiest Life is the One We're Living Right Now."

DIVORCED and HAPPY is a playful, insightful weekly podcast hosted by the sassy and savvy Sadie Marie—a recent divorcee and former therapist. The show offers real-life tools, tales and tips, without "psychology speak." Sadie wants divorced singles to celebrate their new relationship status. She invites engaging guests to candidly explore diverse topics with her--ranging from naughty to nice:

Dating Differently * Sexual Exploration *

Finding Community * Bad-Ass Solo Parenting ...and so many more!


Hailed for her warmth and humor, this show is affirming, educational and entertaining.

Sponsorship Support Levels

***PLAYFUL PATRON $400*** 

Three-Month Sponsorship: 12 episodes, each includes:

30-second mid-roll, 8 promo graphics on IG, TikTok & FaceBook to include Logo & Website Two InstaGram Lives


Two-Month Sponsorship: 8 episodes, each includes:

15 - 30 second mid-roll, 6 promo graphics on IG, TikTok & FaceBook to include Logo & Website One InstaGram Live


Monthly Sponsorship: 4 episodes, each includes:

15-second pre-roll, 4 promo graphics: IG, TikTok & FaceBook to include Logo & Website 

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