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What Listeners like you are saying about the podcast

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“I love this show! Sadie's perspective on life after Divorce is honest and fresh! Sadie's Divorced and Happy is not your ‘same old podcast.’ Excited to listen each week!"~ The Truth Hurvitz 

“Sadie is the best friend you’ve ever wanted. If you’re going through, have gone through, or even thinking about divorce, this podcast is for you! Sadie will lift your spirits with fun banter about dating, relationships and fun adventures post divorce. She also has helpful experts on the show that give really great advice. So ditch the depressing divorce podcasts and start having some fun with this one. You won’t regret it!” ~ KaliGurl523

“Amazing content & conversations this month, Sadie! I often feel our sides aren’t heard enough & I also think it’s important for kids to hear & know this. Just because mistakes were made or marriages didn’t work out, dads love their kids & are just as nurturing & attentive as moms.” ~ Brian

“Thank you for this podcast! As a newbie to this ‘Fresh Start,’ I am greatly looking forward to the next episode. It feels extraordinary to be included into this community instead of excluded from what our Midwestern society sees as the ‘norm.’ Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Jen B

“Just wanted to say I love your podcast. It’s so refreshing and honest.”~ Robert Y

“Sadie along with her guests and commentary share fresh perspectives on life after divorce. Divorce is a chance for new beginnings and discovery. Tune in to this podcast and tune into your life” ~ Teresa Thomas

“Spunky, Spicy, Fun and full of valuable information! Look forward to listening each week.” ~ Anghenning 

“This is an entertaining and enjoyable podcast that delves into the world of life after divorce. Sadie expertly navigates this tricky topic without glorifying it, and always has interesting guests with viewpoints from many different perspectives. Definitely worth a listen even if you are single and have never married like me!” ~ Dish215

“My absolute favorite relationship podcast. Whether you have been through a divorce or not you NEED to listen to this podcast. Sadie is so fun to listen to and she has a eclectic rotation of guests (I was honored to be one of them!).” ~ Sara Rosen

“This podcast has been a source of laughter and fun as I explore my own next chapter.” ~ swteach 

“I love Sadie’s podcast an her guests. They share practical knowledge and tips. I’m not divorced, but I am single and I learn something from every episode.” ~ Fish1569

“The topics and guests are very authentic. This podcast opens the conversation to the real, post-divorce life. The new act that YOU get to design.” ~ StacieBMN

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