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After several years on her own, Sadie Marie muses on the ups and downs, ins and outs, and highs and lows of
life after divorce. 

What Sadie's Learning

Since her divorce, Sadie recognizes more than ever the value of being fierce in determination, desire, and, most of all, self-love. She’s also learned to put her focus on being relentless and resilient in pursuing happiness for herself and her family. With this podcast, she welcomes the opportunity to share her insights and ideas as well and learn from her listeners and guests. 


Primary takeaways in the post-divorce category of 'What I've Learned So Far'

* Being real far surpasses being perfect
* Your focus determines how you feel emotionally and physically
* Believing in possibility is equally important as being totally present. 


Regarding being back in the dating pool again, she is gaining new understandings as well.

* Identifying as an ethical non-monogamist is a mature way of saying ‘I like to date Millennial men’
* Stacking three dates back-to-back is never a good idea, even when you’re having a good hair day
* The combo of Lionel Ritchie and clementine oranges can actually be a recipe for flirtatious fun on a Friday night. 

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