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It’s the only place to be…

Join host Sadie Marie and her guests as they discuss All Things Act II. 

From lively co-ed chats about mid-life dating to conversations with financial experts on fresh money starts, from balancing solo child-rearing obligations, to creating time and space for our own well-being, this podcast celebrates the many unique experiences that life after divorce brings, both playful and powerful. It focuses on best finding our way onward and upward by always reminding ourselves that our happiest life is the one we’re living right now.

Feel Your Fresh Start

There is nothing better then the feeling of fresh start, especially after a divorce! Celebrate with Sadie Marie and her guests as they share enlivening fresh start stories. 

The Honeymoon Stage

Laugh along with Sadie Marie and friends as they discuss the value in embracing this delicious, magical period of life post divorce. Who knew staring at the wall could be so fun!

Financial Beginnings

Not everyone leaves a divorce financially better off.  Sadie Marie invites financial experts to talk about practical steps one can take today to make the most of the money she has now.  

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