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Emotionally Available Men Are Everywhere

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Yup. I said it. And it feels so good. So good in fact I’ll say it again.

Emotionally available men are everywhere!

This declaration comes with a confession. You see I’ve been angry with men for a while now around what I’ve perceived as a lack of interest or skill around emotional intelligence (what the cool kids call “EQ”).

I’ve projected a lot of blame onto individual men versus owning my own negative beliefs and perceptions. Does this sound familiar, ladies?

Plus there this thing called culture and its “don’t express emotions” message it’s given to men for centuries.

This month I’ve gotten real with myself and own how my mind-set is not only limiting my relationships with men but also perpetuating this toxic cultural message.

“Goodbye” negative attitude. It’s time we break up. You’re just not working out for me.

I mean really, how can I expect a man to be vulnerable with me when I’ve already decided he isn’t capable of doing so?

It’s time to get over it, my anger that is.

After some soul searching, I understand my anger is more about grief. I feel a deep sadness that “we” (society, culture, religion, you name it) have limited how men get to express themselves.

We need to put a new message out there and within us, so men can have the freedom to enjoy a fully human experience.

Making the Move

My new mantra actually has me feeling hopeful around a topic that’s caused me, and almost every woman I know, a lot of strife, confusion and frustration.

I don’t appreciate it when someone or our culture tries to limit what I can experience, think, or do and it’s hypocritical of me to do the same.

The least I can do, as a compassionate human who wants to encourage and support another’s experience, is change my mindset and stop limiting men and their ability to express emotions.

Can I get an AMEN? Or at minimum, “Can you feel me?”

The F-Word

On this Thursday’s episode, “Can You Feel Me: Men and Emotions,” I get some coaching from my guests, Lee and Larry, on how I can foster more emotional connection with men.

Plus we also have a delicious discussion around the F-Word (that’s feelings, people!) and the many benefits to expressing feelings with those we’re in relationship with.

If you’re ready to grow your EQ and shift your mindset around men and emotions, listening to this episode is a must!

Bro-Bonding Abounds

It sure does and definitely did on my June 17th episode, “Divorced Dads Get Real.” I was in good company with my guests, Tom, Sylvester, Dennis and Todd, as they discussed the highs and lows of fatherhood after divorce and gave each other some incredible encouragement.

Our playful, heartwarming, raw round table chat reminded me how much dads love their kids, divorced or not.

Feel the Love

Yes – there’s been a lot of “feels” this month with the dads along with candid conversations around relationships and dating. As we all know, dating, let alone finding love, can be tricky after a divorce.

Fortunately, my dashing guest and dating coach, Chris Jones, gave some some practical tips on how to create a more enhancing dating app profile.

Chris jumped right in with a clear strategy for dads to win more matches and score fun dates because dating after divorce should be FUN.

If you’re feeling fatigued by dating and need a fresh perspective, treat yourself and feel the love on our June 10th episode, Dates for Divorced Dads.”

Moms, Too

Moms will find this month’s episodes insightful, too. I can tell you, this mom feels very lucky to have the chance to laugh and learn from my guests relatabe, post-divorce, experiences.

So whether you’re a divorced dad, or mom, remember, you are not alone on your jourvey. Now treat yourself to this month’s savvy, sweet and spicy conversations.

What’s Your Story?

You’ve heard my guests perspective and mine, too. Now it’s your turn to share.

Do you want to fall in love but tell yourself to stop?

How do you tell the kids the truth without dogging out your ex?

Are you wanting more intimacy in relationships but afraid to make a move?

Comment below then share this blog with another divorced dad (or mom) you know.

We all have something to share from our post-divorce experiences.

Let’s all laugh and learn from each other!

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