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It’s the only place to be…

Join host Sadie Marie and her guests as they discuss All Things Act II. 

Topics in Season One ranged from sexual exploration (kink, solo play, ethical non-monogamy, intergenerational dating) to real life ‘what the hell am I doing’ moments (around dating, career and finances) to powerful and pragmatic discoveries (solo cooking, midlife makeovers, self-care techniques and exploring a red-hot side hustle). 

Sadie's Divorced and Happy Podcast

Season Two built intrigue around sexual exploration, rediscovering self, solo adventures, dating differently and finding community.  Episodes in Season 2 included: Three’s Company, Break Up with Dating, Making Love (Not Porn), Friends with Benefits, Bad-Ass Mothers, Solo Adventures, Drama (Divorce in the Movies) and The Modern Day Mrs. Robinson.

The theme of season three was "The Comeback."  In seasons prior, I'd  had dozens of fascinating conversations with divorced people and experienced so many new things; dating like a dude, real home town visits, a sexual awakening, solo trips and so much more! 

These delicious adventures revealed an enhanced version of myself...and I'm delighted to find I'm comfortable with who I really am.  In season three, I explored what was next; I talked with a woman who reignites a relationship with her ex-husband, divorced women who chose to share a house, and two dads shared hilarious divorce hacks.  

Season three was a powerful, playful and revealing season certain to support you on YOUR comeback journey! 

Season four of Sadie’s Divorced and Happy explored the decadently delicious act of savoring life after divorce.  We also took a peek at a truly unique way to date…one that just might work for you! Plus, I shared my own personal divorced-into-dating journey and so much more.


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