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Win a Divorced and Happy Event in Your City!

Of all the discoveries I’ve made since my divorce, (and there’ve been lots of spicy ones,) my love for traveling solo is at the top of my list!

I love the freedom of picking a new city to explore…and deciding how I spend my time, with whom, and discovering who I am when I’m alone and in an unfamiliar place. Guess what? I like who I am out in the wild!

I’ve noticed that when traveling, starting conversations with strangers is just easier; whether on the plane, at a restaurant or while sight-seeing. I am bolder, less inhibited and traveling brings out another adventurous side. People in other places offer different perspectives and help me to see the world with fresh eyes…traveling is so much more than experiencing the architecture and the attractions.

Recently, I’ve coupled my love for new destinations with the pleasure I experience hosting Divorced and Happy meet-up events. Recently,

when planning a trip to Denver to visit with some podcaster-friends--I was inspired--why not connect with divorced singles over a meet-up event while I was visiting? In early 2023 I’d hosted a “New Year New You” event in my hometown of Minneapolis and had blast mixing and mingling with other divorcees looking for more connection within the divorced community.

So without hesitating, I created a Divorced Singles (Denver) page on and was pleasantly surprised when a week before my trip, I discovered 20 people had RSVP’d to the event, mostly divorced men (BTW—Did you know Denver’s nickname is “Men-ver” — Ha!)

My trusty side-kick, Mic, will be joining me as I make my way to Chicago and Los Angeles later this summer for more Divorced and Happy meet-up fun.

Now for the extra-exciting news – we want to meet YOU in your city!

This summer, you can vote for your city to be our Fall 2023 destination.

We have prizes, too! Including:

*A guest spot on Season 4 of Sadie’s Divorced and Happy podcast

*Dinner with Mic and me in your hometown

*A Divorced and Happy t-shirt

ENTER TODAY! The contest runs through the summer. You must enter by September 16th at:

I’ll be announcing the winner during the first episode of Season 4. Watch the August Newsletter for more details about this exciting new Season of SD&H.

There’s never been a better time to subscribe to Sadie’s Divorced and Happy. Sign up now and indulge in all the fun experiences that life after divorce has to offer!

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