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Miss Independent

Don’t call me Sadie. Call me…MISS INDEPENDENT! I am wearing my firecracker crown and my sparkler sash as I take a solo turn at this month’s Sadie’s Divorced & Happy! No guests, just YOU and ME together strutting and reveling in all things US! I feel like I won the Freedom Lottery!  (Who knew divorce could come with so many perks!!!). Let’s all Shout Hallelujah as we celebrate being FREE with my latest podcast episode Miss Independent. In this episode of Sadie's Happy & Divorced, I will celebrate the many, many freedoms that come with the single life after divorce. So now it is your turn to indulge yourself. Listen in and join me in LOVING the freedom found in life after divorce (or any fresh start). 

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Date Like a Dude

Remember in your 20’s when you obsessed about finding “The One.” You’re in mid-life now. It’s time to have a fresh, adventurous mindset around dating…

It’s time to make dating FUN! Put your stressful dating past behind you and listen in to my guest, Coach T Anthony, share his Top 3 Tips on how to Date like a Dude! 

Your path to breezy, easy, carefree dating after divorce is just an episode away! 

To quote ‘the Godfather’ of dating coaches, “Stop looking for THE one.  Start having more FUN.”

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Thank You Divorce

It's time to turn you post-divorce attitude to gratitude and appreciate the day when anger over the divorce turned into thankfulness for what you gained on the other side.


My guest today on ‘Thank You Divorce’ has so much in common. with me I now call her “my sister from another mister. “ 


Laura Friedman Williams is the fabulous author of ‘Available: A Memoir of Sex and Dating After a Marriage Ends.’ The book is hilarious, juicy, and candid - much like our chat!


After her experience with a cheating ex left behind a lot of bitterness, Laura’s tables turned when she started to think about what she was grateful for vs. just what she was losing. 


Now that you’re divorced, it’s time to reclaim your happiness!  You’re free to redefine what it is and how to make the most of it.

Where to start? Get your post-divorce Act II rolling with a free download of 'Sadie’s Tips to Happiness.’ More inspirational tips in every upcoming episode!

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From steamy chats about reentering the world of dating to empowering conversations about new beginnings, this podcast is about celebrating the many experiences that life AFTER divorce brings — both the playful and the powerful.  Act II can seem daunting, but it’s also packed with possibility.  

I would love to invite you to join me, Sadie Marie, and my guests as we discuss the positively promising aspects of life after divorce. So get comfortable, relax, and invite your friends to join in. No doubt about it, you’ll find it a pleasurable place to be.