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Season Five of Sadie’s Divorced and Happy picks up where Season Four left off: Continuing on the quest to uncover and explore all the amazing adventures to be savored after Divorce!


Here’s a sweet and spicy taste of Season Five’s escapades:


·      Your “Sexpedition;” Spicy Adult Resorts

·      Welcome to the (D)ivorced List!

·      What’s Your Scent-sual Style?

·      Smash Your Divorce Diet

·      Stop Fucking Up Your Happiness


Along with some daring new content, we’ll also delve into just a few topics that offer tips to manage some of the less-than-tantalizing parts of divorced life. (Yeah, yeah…it can’t all be spicy fun…in life, we still have to take out the trash!)


And of course, my darling sidekick “Mic," the little microphone with a big personality, will be with me on every step of our journey.


Join me for this exceptionally tempting and thought-provoking season of Sadie's Divorced and Happy; one sure to tease you into experiencing exciting self-exploration and intoxicating adventures.

We’ll also take a peek at a truly unique way to date…one that just might work for you! Plus, I’ll be sharing my own personal divorced-into-dating journey and so much more.

Caution - It’s getting hot in here!


Did you know that this season, you have the opportunity to ask me a “Burning Question” about life after divorce AND share your steamy answer to one of my spicy questions?

Every episode of Season Five, I will ask you a burning question and share a listener's question.  If YOURS airs on the show, you win a gift as a “thank you” for your participation.


Just click on the Start Recording button to record your 60-second question OR answer.  Be sure to enter your name and email address.  


I can’t wait to hear from you, and I’m excited to indulge in playful, spicy “Burning Questions" with YOU every episode of Season Five! 

Are you excited but also nervous about diving back into the dating pool in search of a new companion?

Then take the Vanilla Strawberry Sprinkles Quiz! There are two versions: The "Single-Scoop" Quiz for one and the "Double-Scoop" Quiz for two participants.

We created the tasty-fun One-Scoop Quiz for you to first discover your personal dating flavor profile!

The yummy Double-Scoop Quiz offers a playful way to spark interesting conversations with your date or partner:

"Vanilla" questions explore compatibility basics;
"Strawberry" questions reveal emotional intelligence and ethics/integrity;
"Sprinkles" questions move you into more intimate and sensually spicy dialogue!

The Quiz offers participants results that reveal your Dating Flavor Compatibility...all in good fun and meant to entertain. If you so choose, you can share your answers and engage in some interesting conversation!

It’s an amusing, no-pressure way to learn more about yourself and your date at your own pace.

Play both Quizzes at

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Upcoming Divorced and Happy Events

Divorced Singles - Denver Meet-Up

Bring your friends, meet other divorced individuals, and let's raise a glass to a happy life after divorce!


We'll celebrate together in a playful atmosphere at the Blackbird Public House in Denver.


Mingle with like-minded people who are on a similar journey, and build friendships in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.

When:  Monday, April 29th


Where:  Blackbird Public House (305 S. Downing Street, Denver, Co 80209)

Time:  4pm - 7pm

(Tickets Must Be Purchased In Advance)

WEBSITE Meet-UP Denver HH.png
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